Basic Costs


The cost of a burial varies depending on whether the burial takes place in a local authority cemetery or in a churchyard. At the present time (April 2023), Northumberland County Council charge £1,191.00 to purchase a new double grave. The cost of interment in the grave is £1,159.00 (Double Depth) or £1079.00 (Single Depth or re-opener). These fees may be increased if the deceased resided outside the local authority area. Church fees for burial in churchyards vary and will be provided on request. When selecting a burial there may be the extra cost of a memorial stone to consider or an added inscription onto an existing stone.


Cremation, the cost of a cremation is currently (April 2023)

Blyth Crematorium: £920.00

West Road Crematorium: £939.00

Whitley Bay/Tynemouth Crematoria: £854.00

Extra charges may be levied for Saturday cremations.

In the case of cremation, there is additional paperwork required to be completed by one medical practitioner, the fee for this work is set by the British Medical Association and is currently (April 2023) £82.00. When a post-mortem examination has been carried out this fee is not applicable.

Funeral Directors Charges

The cost of funerals varies enormously as every funeral is tailored to individual requirements. Different charges apply depending upon burial or cremation. A rough guide to basic costs would be as follows:

Transfer of deceased to our chapel of rest within 15 mile radius: £250.00

Professional services in respect of arranging and conducting the funeral and liaising with third parties involved (i.e. hospitals, coroner, clergy etc.): £1,150.00

Preparation, care of the deceased (including hygienic treatment) & Chapel of Rest: £280.00

Provision of standard sized coffin: £495.00

Hearse: £285.00

Total £2,460.00

This excludes limousines or disbursements such as burial charges, cremation charges, medical fees, Church/celebrant fees, flowers or catering. Depending on local authorities conditions, Saturday funerals can be arranged at an extra cost.

An itemised estimate will be provided based on the decisions made at the time of arranging the funeral.

We do ask for a deposit before the funeral takes place and this figure normally relates to the amount of the disbursements.

The final amount of the funeral account is due within 30 days of the invoice date, unless otherwise agreed.

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