Alternative Funerals

A guide to some alternative options 

A funeral should reflect the individual whose life has past. There’s no such thing as a ‘typical’ funeral. This guide examines some alternatives. 

When it comes to funerals, so much of the protocol of days gone by has been swept away, which means that opportunities now exist to make the arrangements truly unique. That’s why we offer completely bespoke funeral services. 

In addition to the more familiar choices, such as between burial and cremation, you now have the option to personalise other elements of the arrangements. You can read about just a few of them below, but we are always very receptive to discussing other possibilities and available choices with you. 

Whilst it may not generally be widely known, there is no rule which says that the funeral service must take place in a church, other place of worship or a crematorium. The choice of location is yours. Many people prefer funerals to be celebrations of the lives of those who have died and religious faith has not always formed a part of these lives. In addition to more traditional funerals, other alternative services are available. 

Humanist funerals - a humanist service does not recognise an ‘after life’ and focuses instead upon the life and experiences of the person who has died. For this reason, humanist funerals are often considered appropriate those who have led secular lives. 

Civil funerals - these also may be appropriate for those for whom religion has not played a central role. They also offer the opportunity to create a personal service that reflects the life and wishes of your loved one, but it is also possible to incorporate some aspects of religious origin, such as readings or a particular hymn. 

Family funerals - a family funeral allows those closest to create their own service, with many members of the family having more involvement and the inclusion of elements across the spectrum. If you need assistance or guidance with the design and construction of the service, we are here to help.

Alternative coffins & caskets

In addition to our standard high quality coffin we can supply any type of alternative coffin or casket required.

These alternatives can be wicker, willow, and bamboo or sea grass. Other options include coloured coffins or caskets and American style caskets.

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