You will need to consider initially where the funeral service is to be held (i.e. Church or Cemetery Chapel prior to interment, or simply at the graveside), whether the service is to be religious or non-religious, any hymns and/or music required, whether family flowers only are desired and donations, in lieu, for a chosen charity, which cemetery or churchyard the interment is to take place in and whether an existing grave is available or a new grave is required. 

Our funeral directors will provide guidance and assistance to you at all times.

Woodland Burials

Woodland burial grounds are natural settings such as meadows or wooded areas, which offer more natural, beautiful resting places.

Woodland funerals tend to involve the planting of a natural memorial, such as a tree and the placing of a simple wooden or bronze plaque instead of a traditional headstone. There is also a focus on preserving the natural beauty of the environment and encouraging native wildlife and flowers.

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